So what has happened after my previous post? :) 

So there were lunch dates, many of ootd(s), and definitely everyone is noticing something! 
I'm dressing up a little more feminine now? 
Haha i guess it's because due to my intern currently, i'm learning to love midi(s), long dress length and learning to appreciate long sleeves better now. I never like them when I was 17. Never a fan of such apparels however I kind of love them now. 

And I guess this will adjust a little of what I'll bring in for lbr? But not to worry alright everyone!!!

There'll be still stuffs for everyone with different style like what I've been usually sourcing around for and I've been working on some stuffs for lbr now and i'm really excited to share with you all!! 

And after near to 2 months of not heading out late, 
I went out with my girls last weekend to party! 

I cannot imagine I'm saying this but…. I feel old when I'm in the club. Perhaps it's because of the environment I'm in now…. just felt so old. And can i say that I've been leading a really healthy lifestyle because I've to be disciplined and my body clock is sort of fixed? 

I've been a half human for a while trying to cope with everything but however things might have been hard for a while…. but i can feel that good things are starting to happen again. 
always after every difficult time, there'll always be something that will start to bloom and i'm always believing in that.

Finally I'll be taking a break for a few days in July!! 
there'll be more exciting stuffs coming upppppp so stay tune everyone! ;) 

Oh yes, not to forget! We've already restocked many popular items!!! 
and backorders have also arrived,

grab yours today!


And one last thing before I sign off, it was 22nd few days back, and happy 3rd month bae. 

no one might not know how much you meant to me but thank you for always believing in me despite how hard everything can be. despite how tough things can be. i used to be such a girl that couldn't even overcome her own insecurities and her own inner fears and couldn't even love herself in the right way, but you believed in me and you stood by me throughout the whole time. though sometimes you might make me boil, make me feel like all my nerves are going to burst, but i still love you in all ways. i still love the little things about you and every part of you. 

thank you for holding onto me. as always. love you j. 

Kind of proud of myself that I'm getting back on track with everything and finally I'm ready to fight a war against everything again. Feeling all motivated and feeling all ready to get everything started like how it was again. 

till then!! 


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