I can't express how inspired i am feeling right now, it's kind of a sort of change of style but i'm a little way too excited and happy to show it to you girls! Lbr will be bringing in something different from what we usually will, and we'll be showing a small range of it to you girls soon. I've known nothing about it previously and despite certain lessons that I've learnt from everywhere and anywhere, I've gotten my inspiration to source and to design again. It's been really long since i felt this way. Lately, I've been really tired and really been exhausted from everything that I've been working on and it seems like I've found a way to get out of everything and to stop relying so much on others. Now I've learnt that I've to start growing flowers in my own yard while waiting for others to bring me, meaning in short, it means, I should start working on myself, and on my own instead of waiting for people to spoon feed me. 

It's just a sudden thought that my inspirations and everything else are flowing through my mind. 

and, I've been really happy lately. really really happy. 
though how hard / how dark clouds are, 
things always will end good if you believe.

that's what has been keeping me going. despite how hard things might be, how hard things are,
continue to push yourself. continue to work even harder. 

this post is kinda random but i just wanna share my happiness!! 

"don't lose yourself in your fears"

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