In the past, I always think that I'll need someone to actually fix my broken pieces back for me or even mending all the broken parts of me. But now I come to a point that I learn that i can bring flowers to myself, i can be the one watering the flowers. I don't have to wait till someone to actually bring flowers to me to build a garden. I can build my own garden myself and be myself at my very best.

Come to a point, I've learnt so much about everything. Despite everything that have happened, I come to a point realising that humans might not appreciate what they are having right now, and because they feel that what they are having will always be there. Doors will always be open for them as and when they feel like or likes it. I'm sorry to say, people have to learn it in the hard way that once you took things for granted and you've pass the limit, I'm sorry that doors will be shut on you forever. They will never be opened up to you ever again.

These are the problems with human. With man kind. We are too comfortable with things and hence... we don't put in the effort anymore. Example like relationships, friendships...

We always feel that they will be there. But if you don't cherish or appreciate.. one day you'll realise everything is way too late and you can never ever change anything.

always have to learn it the hard way.

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