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Having good vibes now and feeling really really great cause I've kinda sorted out my thoughts and my feelings in a bus ride home while i was on the way back home today.

It took me a while to realise that I've been masking a part of me and I felt like shit. I want to be me, I want to be myself. I want to feel myself in my own bones. Despite all the flaws I've, I want to feel myself. 

And I've always been lacking of... something really important to every individual,

which is self-love. Self love.

I've been always blaming myself on situations, on things, on everything that have ever happened to me, and I have always put myself so low to a point that I couldn't bring myself up again. 

I put myself so low. So so low. 

Today, I eventually realise that, I shouldn't have put myself so low, things all happen for a reason. Some people is only bound to stay in our hearts and not our lives. 

But right now, I gonna love myself better than ever and I'm gonna love myself first. 
The true happiness always comes within yourself. They are not from your friends, relationships, it's within you, within yourself.

" Find peace and happiness within yourself and you'll feel great, you'll feel good. " 

I hope these vibes stays with me, I hope I don't go astray. I hope. 

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