1/4 OF 2015...

So hey guys! It's already.... May right now. 1/4 of the year has already gone. 2015 is a year that i truly want to focus on myself and definitely on the things that needed to be done. I've been bumming for more than 16 months and i've been regretting on many decisions and many opportunities that i could take to further progress myself and things that will help me grow. I've been lazing around. It's time to get up, pick up and start all over again. It's okay to start from the bottom again, it's okay. Definitely, always believing that what matters the most is the results of all. 

So last month, i took a 1 week break off from work and headed off to bangkok to enjoy songkran! 
definitely it was a really good experience that i will never experience again, the true joy and simple happiness, the friendship we made with the thai locals over there. truly, one good experience. 

And how's life for all these days? Have been pretty troubled with many things, however I've took a little step back to look at things in another way, to think positive. To think that good things will definitely come to me again. It's all just temporary. 

So from my little update........ 

Shoes for the office, that i've finally worn it out one fine day!

Have been spending these few weeks catching up with people that i've not met for a long time, friends from secondary school, and from everywhere. The life crisis conversations we have, the office talks, about growing up. 

And definitely in the last photo, one of my very very very very old friend,
turned 21st! 

Happy birthday Vika! 

All the way back to, 2011, 2012, 2013.... 

Thank you for being one of the friend that always lend a helping hand when I needed help. Definitely remembering the days when I needed a pair of ears, I would just call you in the middle of the night and you will pick up the call for me. Remembering all the stupid secondary school days when we run to school every morning because we are one of those few students that were always late. One thing I like about is that, we are always there for each other. Despite different class, different schedules, we will wait for each other to end so we can just all go back together. Hehe thank you for you two for my secondary school days and even till today. Love you and krystle very much ;) but lastly, happy 21st again my friend!!! 

and oh yes! after a long period of hiatus..... we're back with a new collection! ;)

this time round, LBR will be going for a different direction this time.
 It's not going to be the same as the past anymore ;)

We're launched a couple of bohemian items.... party/work dresses too!

Faster grab your items!
Quote "LBR2015" for $5 off your items now! ;)


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