MAY 2015


Went for dinner last weekend and here's my outfit.

Lovin' the lace/mesh details and definitely the low v back cut. 

Pretty into chunky earrings and braids these days and i really can't wait to get my ass out of the country this month!!! so much have been planned hopefully things can go as it was all planned out! 

And for the month of may,

celebrated my babygirl's birthday! 

Her birthday falls on a Saturday, so the day before I actually went to zouk and I was having a hangover but but but.... I WOKE UP EARLY JUST TO SURPRISE HER AND SHE WAS SO SHOCK TO SEE US AT HER APARTMENT. 

hehe it all worked out well despite walking in the rain with balloons and having so many hiccups.

One of the best in my life, i love you krystle hehe since 7/8 years ago ;)

So, one of the weekend, went over to Janet's birthday! Her theme was nautical and she stated clearly of white/navy in her event page! Hence was in navy top and white skirt for the birthday! 

One of the longest friendship in my life too, happy birthday my dear girl, wish you well and happiness x ;)) 

Everyone is turning older.... and me myself too.

I'm turning 20 this year. And definitely everyone will come by to a stage in life whereby you dont know what will come to your life, you dont know what will be happening. You don't know about what are the opportunities coming to you, you don't know what's ahead of you.

Let's all enjoy this moment of youth, live in this moment, play hard, work hard, and definitely, hopefully you reap what you sow at the end of the day. 

I admit that i used to think back what do i do to deserve such things from happening in my life, then again when I think about all of them again. I should thank them. Thank them for happening in my life to make it a big lesson learnt. Big lesson learnt that I could be stronger, and tougher. Everything happen for a reason, so don't dwell in it. Don't. Dont think that you can never get over something that you have never tried before. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. Try leaving it for a while. Sometimes it brings comfort back to you too. 


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1 comment:

Steph Recking said...

I love your dress!! I've been scrolling your blog, your style is really nice :) (Would absolutely love it if you took a sneaky peek :P)


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