I guess I was feeling all negative for the past 1 and a half year... but I'm glad that I did my best to pick myself up all over again and knowing more about self love, self discovery and everything else. I could remember days when I felt like " why was it my fault when things go wrong? " 

Learnt in a hard way that life is not always rainbows and butterflies all around you, life is tough and definitely life will be hard. But don't let little failures or little negativity in you stop you from doing what you love and what you do the best. 

I felt so free, so much of myself after everything. I love doing what I love and it doesn't stop me from not achieve my dreams. 

Hitting the bottom allows me to be so much stronger, 
I guess I've to thank all those people for that. 


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shanaz@RS said...

It's true when you hit bottom, you know it is ultimately your choice to push yourself up, the bad stuff is always going to be there. Never let it drown your fire! :)

Shanaz | Fashionista NOW


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