So call me your sugar

Hi sweetlings. There's a problem with my lappy. Aww so now I'm using my brand new desktop. Heh hehz. Last Thursday gave schoolz a miss. Then went out with my Vivien! :) Haha met her and then headed to bugis. Walked around then went over to Pasir ris in the evening. Left the place earlier and went home. Yesterday went to meet my babyboy. Aww finally met him after 2 days. Went over to meet him then went to Jurong Point. Heh hehz walk around then went to cck to slack. Pixxxx!! ^^
Hehhehz luvz you minako :)
Okay june holidays have started already. Aww i guess for this holidays most of the time I would be stuck at Dad's office working for him. Heh hehz but it's okay to suffer at least I could get my money and still be able to meet my baby and my girls :) I'm effing broke now. Left with NO notes. Nothing at all, can you imagine that~ I spent my day at home today. My cramps are really really painful. Thank God I did my wall, and it's nicely decorated with pixx :) Aww I miss my babyboy so much yep. Shall go off now :)

I'm sorry for whatever things I've done. I know I'm dumb foolish and whatever kay. But, thank you for yr love and everything. I know how are you feeling. I love you so much okay. I don't mind you teasing me as a ugly girl, cause I'm still the luckiest girl on earth, cause I got you my boy! :) I love you so much that even words couldn't describe much. Luvz you, happy 160th day. I'll never want to take a step back from you, nevertheless i'll never leave you.

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WanLin `♥ said...

Thanks Lady , i´ll stay strong deh .

-`♥ said...

omgomgomg , don't call me minako !
HAHAH , iloveyouthmostla !

S.Yingting :B said...

Hello Wifey ! :)
I miss you so muchz

Regina said...

Wanlin > Yeah you must. Anything, I'm here for you kay. Luvz you :)
♥ > Haha okay okay :) Luvz you the most too.
S.Yingting > Haha miss you so muchz too :(


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