You melt my heart complete, with that smile of yours

Hi sweetards. Yesterday was a happy sunday. Extremely great sunday I ever had alright! :) Service was great, it was the mini emerge. Had parades of schools, cheerleadings performance, old school's dance performance, Strikeforce drum's performance and etc. Praise and worship was a blast man. Yuting and I really did went so high and low. Haha! After service, went over to meet my babyboy. Heh hehz went to lepak lepak with him and then intend to go over to Vivo. Haha took bus, halfway we alighted at Thomson Plaza. Haha he told me it was a bore, so we saw the bus going jurong coming! haha took the bus and went to Imm. Heh hehz bought my picnic mat, baby bought me a sunflower. How cute right! :) Then went over to cck, lepak lepak again!! ^^ Haha then had h2h. Ps: I don't know why i just like to talk to people so much, especially my boyfriend! :) Then my cramps came back and I was in pain. Baby walked me home as usual.
During service, my girls! :)
Thanks for the lovely sunflower my babyboy :) Heh hehz. He was so adorable enough to give me morning call just now as I said I wish to see him the first one in the morning when I wake up. So he's the first one I heard his voice when I wakes up. Haha! Have been watching boys over flowers past few days, really great okay. I think me and michelle can watch together lah, keep tearing. Haha!
Holidays have started, aww. Shall plan for dates with my boy, my girls and family. Heh hehz!
Picnics, suntan, shopping!!
Supposingly to work today at Dad's office, but he's not free. Aww no money coming in again :(
Shall blog again later. Going out to meet my lovely boy later ^^^

Wanlin Gentleman, Cheerup. We're all here for you :)

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Krystle said...

boys over flowers rocks like firetruck ! haha !

Regina said...

Krystle > Haha darling watch with me leh! I miss you alot howhow!! :(

WanLin `♥ said...

Thanks alot , lady !


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