Last day of holiday

Filming was like big fuck. Haha i hate it so much it's totally wasting my time. I've been cabbing here and there today= i'm totally broke. Bad hair day somemore. Head town with baby after that and then home sweet home. I can't believe my one day will be spent like this :( Wasting bloody time seeing childish kids. Haha.
Not much pixxx so sorry yeah. I don't like so much of the pixxx today i've taken. I think I spent alot of $$ whenever I got my allowance and dua fuck is that i've no savings. There's so many tops and bottoms I wanna get, and i need to return money to my mum and some other people. My parents seemed to want bloody control me when they don't understand what am I thinking. Okie i think i'm posting like a bitch. School's in bloody tmlz. Wtf can school holiday extend? All my work are not done and there's so much to catch up in my work. Bloody hell i need time for everything. I've not been feeling so well this few days too lack of so much sleep man. Hell my cough is really bad. Okie SUPPORT OKIE SWEETHEARTS! :)

I'm taking forever to pack my stuffs man :(
I'm off to pack my bag and my table and my work.
Bye xoxo.

Tonight my heart's with you, hun.
Take it and fly to heaven with me.

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SABRINAAAA'(L) said...

First day of school was so boring ):

Anonymous said...

Hey, im just passingby. :D But er. What were you filming? Are you a model? What work do you do? Sorry, just curious. :D

Regina said...

Sabrina > Yeah it is.
Anon > I did film first class series 2. Hmm I don't work :) I'm not a model!! ^^ Haha and i'll never make it for that.

Anonymous said...

Haha but you're really pretty. :D So actually you can be a model :D


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