School starts

Blogger was such a bitch for this past few days. I was real lazy to upload my pixx in photobucket to be transferred into here kay. My lappy on the first two days of school reopen. First day of schlz was perfectly fine. There's no hair check attire check. After school went over to look for baby. Tuesday went to vivo with babyboy after school, caught the show land of lost. it's totally meaningless to watch it but it's really hilarious. Wednesday went to meet Irene after school at Yishun, then headed to Jurong for our work. There's no much gain at all, what a waste on that day. Thursday crashed into Chrystal's house for project work after schlz. In the evening, went over to swim with baby and Weihao. And friday, caught the show ice age 3. Haha it's really cute I swear :3
I couldn't catch up with all my holidays assignment man, sigh! Anyway my cough flu and other acheness have been very bad! I got all the symptons of h1n1 except for fever. Aww i'm feeling so sick.
16 more days, to 20th. Babycasper, thanks for being such a patient boyfriend, such a sweet tard who always gives me surprises, who always send me home no matter how tiring you're, who always tolerate me for my nonsense. You're always stuck in my mind, honey. Love you deep down in my heart.

I wasn't feeling right when I realised this is how much we've drifted. From girlz who always have h2h to hi & bye friends, to now.. someone might get irriated when the bunch started talking. Life's like this, I couldn't do anything much to amend anything else, I just could move on, just could mizz all the moments I'd before, I just could feel all the heartbreaks.

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