Sunshine boy

I just came back from outside. Heh hehz went out with my boy today, went to woodlands then randomly go over to Jurong Point then head back to cck and lepak lepak again! Haha.
Well was like randomly talking about how me and him started.. well it's all in a special way :) Shall talk about it during the coming up 20th :)

I feel so tired and there's schlz for me tml. Aww there's work tmlz too :( Reporting time, at 10:30am. Schlz at 8am! :( Okay shall go off to watch my boys over flowers :)
Thanks baby for buying snacks for me to eat while watching, though you hate girls who shouts for hot guys in shows! Haha :)

"The first time, I ever felt.. so special towards someone. It's so different from past relationships.
I could still remember the first time my heart was melted completely, just with that smile of yours :) "

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Farhana Yumi said...

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! hahahaha. i'll still say you look cute okay? heh heh. takecare! :b

Krystle said...

I LUV YOU LAAAAA ! i wanna go out ! :D

Chermainee Felice said...

Hi, ponyz!
i miss you. Got to see you this sunday in church! :D

Regina said...

Farhana Yumi > Haha i don't think so :)
Krystle > I luv you too. I want my minho, take yr kimbum kay! Bu yao snatch from me. I mizz you so much :(
Chermaine > Haha hi ponyz! :) I mizz you alot too. Yay that's why i'm happy for this sunday. heh heh luv you.


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