Bad mood

I was okay for today. I was happy that I got all my mood for my work I wasn't any lazy billy today. I did all of my work today and I was happy. I can't imagine that too but yes. But after i reach home everything is ruined, even my fucking happy mood turn into such a bitch. I was being nice today to come home so freaking early but i was accused. What the hell is this. What the heck is your problem bitch.
I spent my yesterday with my boy and today with my girlz in schlz. I didn't had a great day today.
Anyway do support okie!! I need yr help thanks! :)


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MeLviN said...

are ur hp num 91870245??? cos got 1 ppl msg me and say my name is regina and got a fren samuel

Regina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Regina said...

Melvin > eh haha NO. This world doesnt only consists of two people who are named regina and samuel :)

Ng Yuting said...

Lover oh lover, chill manzxc! :D
hehe, luvvvvzxc youuuu (L)

Regina said...

Yuting > Haha i'm not angry at all, luv you too :)

Chermainee Felice said...

Ponyz, cheer up okay? :D

Sabrina's ♥ said...

Hello hello ~
Cheer up yeah :)

yueyang said...

Nice blog (:

Iuhzet. said...

Hi aiai.
Have you mailed me the shirts? :)

Regina said...

Chermaine > Thanks pony and i'll. I mizz you alot girl.
Sabrina > Haha i'll, thanks angel :)
yueyang > haha thankyou!
Tzehui > Mailed ya already :)


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