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This few days school is getting interesting. Last thursday we had a crane folding lesson to replace our assembly due to the h1n1. Haha folding cranes are like such a beautiful thing man, and the whole school's doing the same thing. After school on thursday went off to meet babyboy. We went jurong point and I bought all my junks. Was feeling very pissed until baby made me smile.
Yesterday we spent our 200th day together at East Coast Park. It seems to be a mini celebration but it's all concidence. Baby taught me how to cycle there, haha. There's two old folks, an auntie and uncle spoke to us. She said we looked like sister and brother. Haha but the two old folks are really sweet, they had a dog with them and they had each other to enjoy the rest of their life. How i wish i'm gonna be staying like this with baby, like forever okie. He's such an ass to make me cry last night after tricking me with some rubbish joke. Wth and I believed okie and i cry. Haha but he was so sweeet to make a promise.

Me: Omg you'll never love me anymore if i lost my hand :(
He: No, i will still. I promise you, i'll still love you. I'll give you my another hand if you lost yours.

Haha this is all rubbish. I would never lose my bloody hand man. Haha!! Okay pixx. My hair is flying all over and it's such a bad hair day. Do support http://amaranthineroses.blogspot.com/ alright! ^^

Baby with my pinky sunnies, my pretty boy :)
We're getting all our sweetness back honeyboy. Let all good things last.
You're the first guy that i ever thought of spending my lifetime with,
I'll love you now and forever.

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Iuhzet. said...

Your bf from yio chu kang sec?

Cynthia said...

Hi sweetcandy! See you arnd soon :)

Regina said...

Tzehui > Hmm yeah why? :)
Cynthia > Haha hi sweetcandy! Been long since i met ya the last time. :) See ya around soon.


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