Happy date

Hi sweettards i'm back in post. Sorry for the pixx size as my blogger is still such a bitch who fails to upload pixx. Okie i try my best to make small small leh! :) Haha today's another holiday again, yay i'm so happy alright no schlz. Met babyboy today, had my photoshoot at Krystle's condo. Yesterday night was actually terrible.. had a tiff with boy, but it tend to make us closer after that. Okie my date for today was a very very happy one! And anyway, do support http://amaranthineroses.blogspot.com/! Collection #03 is launched with oversized boyfriend tops, denim jackets, and all the flora dresses! School's in tml, I'm sad cause i bu xi huan schlz :( And i'm more sad now that there's no comments for my post!! :( Okie bye! Hearts and kisses from xoxo.

We had such a nice and simple date today, but it turns out to be such a happy one. Babyboy remember this, I'll never gonna take you for granted, and i never did. All your actions, all that you've done for me, i've appreciated them and cherished them. Love you 2 bits, babyboy. You're forever there when i need a hug so badly like today.

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