Happy youth day!


I think the pixx size is so bloody big. Blogger is such a sucker who fails to upload pixx. Yesterday I spent my whole day out with my baby boy to town and then went back to seasons park at night for adrian's party and i left earlier. Today i'm such a good girl that I stayed at home due to all my flu cough sore throat and the rest of h1n1 symptons. See i listen to my baby boy and my happy seed not to go out of my house. I mizzed the special weekend service today. Sorry girlz that didnt went to hear you all sing. I'm bloody sad cause daddy nearly bought me something from online using his visa, but in the end everything was in fucking USD!! Okie chill. I feel so sad i need to shop. I need to meet my girlz soon!! Yay it's holiday tmlz. Anyway support http://amaranthineroses.blogspot.com/ kay! Okie i shall stopped blogging.

It's just 15 days ahead to 20th. Remember the huge strawberry above? Remember how did you pass it to me? You had very bad tummyache when you're just back in sg from genting, but you rushed to cck just to meet me despite all the aches you have. Heh hehz I love you so much okie baby boy despite you forced me to stay home today when you know i dont like it to be at home. I love the way you behaved when you're tricked by me. HEH HEH ^^

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