Tuck in yr arms to sleep

I've been very busy recently. I think I need alot of time for alot of junks and for alot of outings. Today i went out to meet my babyboy with his dumb heavy bag along. I brought all the way to his house to pass it to him, and then we went hub to eat and then for a while i left to meet my family. I went for back massage with my family at lot1, it was great though but my body's still aching very badly. I might get h1n1 anytime man. Hope that Weihao's report is gonna be okie or else me and baby is gonna die. Haha.

1) pack my table. it's forever in a mess.
2) i need to go to the doctor. my cough is getting worst.
3) i need to finish all my bloody schl work, what project work presentation, bloody d&T.
4) i need to get those who owe me money to pay me.
5) i need to get stable. i need to get start on my work.

Haha there's still alot more to go. I'm feeling so tired now ya know. Omg I can't wait to meet Geokkoon to see her piercings, coolio! ^^ Okay there's gonna be a brand new week soon, monday blues. There's tution tmlz, omg. I'm mizzing my babyboy so much man :(

I want to be the first one you see every morning you wake up, I want to be peck with a kiss on my head when i wake up. I want to be tucked in your arms to sleep, I want to be the one making your smile even wider. Happy 202th day, babycasper. For now and ever, i love you. Sweetheart, thanks for every little and huge thing you done for me kayz. You're just so different from other guys :)

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Farhana Yumi said...

helloooooooo. :) i go dig for my money to spend on your blogshop k!!!! love the items up on sale. hee hee. tc. :-D

Regina said...

Farhana > Haha thanks girl! ^^ Sure sure. There should be a great clearance sales up soon.

geokkoon. said...

HEHEHEHE must meet up before my parents catch my piercings kayz!!B)

Regina said...

geokkoon > haha sure! :)

jocelyn said...

hey. passed by and tagged!

Daddy God's Beloved said...

Thank You. :) Miss you too, see you around soon. ^_^

Regina said...

Jocelyn > Haha thanks for da comment!
Wanyin > Heh heh see ya soon sweetie :)


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