Flat bangs

Hi today Regina's a happie girl. She learnt to chill down and relax, she learnt not to be angry over little stuffs, she learnt to be cherished every single little earthings down here more than ever, she learnt that actually this world isn't so bad.
She was caught kissing the table during science lesson, meaning she's falling asleep almost every single lesson in school now.
I'm down with bangs again. Today after schlz me become light bulb shining bright but I'm glad that my sweetest girl enjoyed.
Count down to exams in 2 weeks time. My monthsary falls on my exam date! How sad.
I mizz you that sweet cool guy who abandoned me for his war craft. I hate dota.

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T.JingTing, Janelle said...

TOLD YOU ALREADY, you look nicer in BANGS!!! hahaha.

Samuel said...

light bulb ar...haha. wun la.

Krystle said...

samuel shoooo !

Regina said...

Janelle > I got bored! LOL.
Samuel > Too bright. HAHA
Krystle > :)

Krystle said...

haha ! I sososo need hardcore shoppings ! I haven had one for a long time already !Ahhaha

Farhana Yumi said...

hi prettyhead relink me. :-D http://chewyourfoodz.livejournal.com tyvm!


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