my favourite pair of ripped jeans;


Top from shoplastbusride,
Ripped Jeans from Bangkok,
Transparent heels from shoplastbusride,
Bag from h&m

I'm usually not a jeans person unless the jeans are really fitting and highwaisted, however I love this pair of ripped jeans!! It gives the paperbag feel, best match with a black belt. 

It's finally friday, have been awaiting for weekends for a while as school has been pretty much tiring! 
I'm gonna have my term break in a few weeks' time, can't wait to get my tickets booked to be out of the country, need a break from a lot of stuffs lately. I'm feeling kind of inspired lately, have been thinking of doing up some exclusive stuffs for lbr soon!! Can't wait for it!! 

till then x 

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