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Crochet Tube Top From www.shoplastbusride.com
Hologram Skirt from Bangkok
Clutch from Bangkok

So this was my Saturday last week, 
went over to Jon's 21st birthday party
 and manage to catch up with a few friends that haven't met for a long time!! 
And the theme of the party was actually futuristic but however my friends were all dressed in like florals and casual :( oh well but i guess i did tried my best to follow the theme? 

It's finally thursday!!
 One more day to friday and one more draggy long day of school, 
can't wait for the weekends to come already!!

I've been pretty excited for what 2014 have for me... because I'm going to graduate from school in 2 months' time... and time passes so fast :( 

Can't wait to go on a vacation after my graduation! 

till then, x

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