Just haven't been around lately on social medias or even on my very own blog...

It's 11:40pm and i'm still working on the things that i should be working on few weeks ago, i've been lazing and really bumming around, it's time to STOP all this and start working hard on things that I should be coping with. 

It's already mid of october and i kinda hate 2014. I felt like I've not achieve anything good this year though I did gain quite a bit of experience working at the new office where i am at now. 

But the feeling i'm getting it's so, SO SO BAD. I've to really start turning things around, bad days cannot stay with someone for so long, you can't start accepting bad days when you know you can do something about it, and when you know it can get better with hardwork and effort. 

really glad that everything's on track and everything's all good. this period.will.be.over.soon.rmb.this.

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