never settle down just for anyone

Many times I've been feeling a little upset and a little down because of this. But come to a point I realise that I wouldn't have to feel this way anymore. 

We shouldn't just settle down for anyone. We should settle down for the best and for the one you feel that it's all gonna be worth it. 

Firstly, will you want to waste all your effort, time or even money on someone that you know it's just gonna be there for a moment? Then that goes to all your emotions, your feelings, everything going to a waste and everything that you've built up from sketch. 

A man that truly loves you, despite how long or how much you guys have been through, he wouldn't just stop putting in effort for nothing. He wouldn't just make up excuses. 

Every relationship always started up good, the beginning is always, sweet, romantic, because it's all just the beginning of a honeymoon period. You haven't really seen how the person is really like, haven't really get to know how are they really really like. Their habits haven't been shown, sometimes you feel like you've known them very very well, but it might not be true. It might not. 

Female individual and male works really differently. As time goes by, a male might love you like crazy and do anything for you, it might end up differently that he might not feel the same way as the beginning. Unlike female, we tend to start out with just a little bit of feelings, however, as time goes by, we take every little thing into consideration and our feelings will grow stronger than before. 

To be honest, I wouldn't want to waste time in finding some temporary comfort that stays with me just for a while and at the end i might get myself hurt knowing that i might have already developed a certain lingering feelings with that individual. I will want to find someone who actually loves you for who you are and not just what you portrait to them. Like not just what they've seen outside, love you for who you really are both inside and outside. 

The way they can handle you, can settle down with you, can accept you for everything you are, all your flaws and everything and having them not to complain about the flaws in you at the end. 

Don't just settle for the less. Don't. ;') 

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